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Why come to BB Broadway and what makes us unique 


Gender Neutral 

We're modernising the way we talk about gender in the early years sector and working hard to eradicate archaic gender stereotypes in this field. We're rewriting old fashioned nursery rhymes and creating more gender equality across our curriculum  


We are an ethical business, making environmentally conscious decisions in all that we do. We avoid single use plastics and ask all customers to provide their own mats and instruments for class. We buy props and kit second hand to avoid purchasing new plastics and are always looking for great new ways to recycle household items into instruments! 

Kids Gardening


Inclusivity is at the heart of all that we do. We want to ensure we teach kids acceptance and tolerance and always reflect what society is like now with all of its wonderful diversities. We want to represent and recognise family in all of its forms and rebrand the 'mum group' sector to include every parent and child. 

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